I’m Mark Barrowcliffe, a writer. I have two other pen names – MD Lachlan and Mark Alder.

I live in Brighton with my family and hobbies include doing stand up comedy, fencing and Judo. I’m always injured so the fencing and Judo are in theory rather than practice most of the time. I write for the national press – generally humour but I have done serious stuff too.

So here is a quick guide to my various identities.

MD Lachlan

Writer of the Wolfsangel series for Gollancz. The series is critically acclaimed dark, epic historical fantasy with its roots in Norse myth. It has been translated into eight languages. If features an eternal battle between Odin,  lord of the hanged, madness, magic and poetry and the monstrous Fenris Wolf, played out by their incarnations on earth.

Praise includes:

‘Part fantasy, part horror, part historical adventure, bound up with a tight, lean style and featuring some of the strangest and most sinister magic I’ve encountered’ Joe Abercrombie

‘By Odin! This could be the Norse saga for you!’ Daily Mail

‘Simply the most exciting, visceral and deeply imaginative writer of Fantasy working today’ –  Adam Roberts

‘All the essential elements of a rollicking historical fantasy, action aplenty, vivid description and strong characterisation. The most powerful and original fantasy I have read for some time’ Interzone

‘A cracking read, a good page turner…. well written and fast paced’ SFF World

‘Truly has the epic and bloodthirsty feel of a Norse saga’ Waterstones Book Quarterly

‘A unique take on the werewolf mythos, on the Norse panthon and on magic itself. An enthralling, mesmeric book’ Mike Carey author of the Lucifer graphic novels.

‘Beautifully written’ Graham Joyce.

‘Brutal and relentlessly original’ Chris Wooding

Books in the series so far: Wolfsangel, Fenrir, Lord of Slaughter. The Valkyrie’s Song due out Autumn 2013.

Mark Alder

Pen name for new historical fantasy series coming from Gollancz in Autumn 2013 – Son of the Morning. The series is based in the Hundred Years War and features the thrones of France and England enlisting the powers of Heaven and Hell to aid them in their struggle for supremacy. I had tremendous fun writing the first novel in this series and it’s a belter, if I say so myself.

Mark Barrowcliffe

I write comic novels and memoirs under this, my real name. My work has been translated into 18 languages and optioned for films by Hollywood.  Praise includes: ‘So nasty, so funny and so over the top that you’d think it had been written by the late Terry Southern’ – Wall Street Journal, ‘I howled with laughter’ Daily Mirror and ‘Hilarious. An assured stylist with a lively, wordy wit.’


Girlfriend 44  Comic love triangle novel. My first book and a splurge of everything I’d been bottling up for 30 years. A bit pleased with itself but critically very well received and very successful with 130,000 books sold.

Infidelity For First Time Fathers

The difficult second novel. Publishers insisted on big rewrite and I’m not sure I got it right. The whole effect is a little cartoonish.  It’s my wife’s favourite book of mine but I wish I’d chosen a different title as I don’t think it did me any favours with female readers. All in all a 6/10 effort.

Lucky Dog

Comic fantasy and probably my best comic novel. An addicted poker player’s life changes when his dog starts talking to him.


The Elfish Gene My memoir of my Dungeons and Dragons addicted youth. Very well reviewed in mainstream press but some D&Ders – particularly in the US – didn’t like it. One chap in the mid west burned his copy. The first and last chapters were written after the rest of the book in an effort to explain D&D to a general audience. I think I got the tone wrong and came over as much more hostile towards the game than I really feel. That said, I’m very proud of the book and, the opening and ending aside, think it’s a very fond recollection of  the formative years of D&D in the UK. I think this is my best book.